The Perks of American Express Pay-with-Points Program

The Perks of American Express Pay-with-Points Program American Express' Pay with Points plan, brought to you by AMT Travel, provides you more benefits and personal satisfaction. Even though customers of the American Express Membership Rewards plan could cash in their points for frequent flyer miles with other airline carriers, good flights were hard to come by. You now have the choice of paying in full, or in part, all of your holiday packages, flights, accommodations, car rentals, or tours with your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points. Swapping your points is easy and straightforward – let AMT Travel teach you how.
Following are just some of the perks you will receive:
-Travel limitations do not exist, therefore you can use your points for all travel.
-10,000 Membership Rewards points will get you $100 worth of travel.
-No travel requirements are excluded: hotels, cars, flights, tours, packages, foreign currency, insurance, and even airport taxes.

Search for Great Travel Deals

-Accumulate frequent flyer points on bookings bought with points.
-Pay conveniently with points in-store.
-If you purchase with points and your American Express card when making arrangements, you will not be charged any additional fees.
And lastly, AMT American Express Travel Representative can assist you in scheduling 1st and business class travel with your American Express points!

Sailing the Globe on a 5-Star Ship

Sailing the Globe on a 5-Star Ship To travel on a luxury voyage across the seas aboard a spectacular 5-star cruiser is to reduce worries from your life. Certainly, there are many other travel possibilities that will get you to your destination in much less time, but none of them can compare to the luxury and decadence of a cruise. This kind of trip makes it possible for you to visit places in elegance and be at ease while experiencing some of the world's most amazing views. Luxury liners are not a recent idea; in fact, they first set sail back in the 1800's with transatlantic crossings. Only the rich could afford this type of travel, so ocean liners went all out adding upscale amenities and features in order to draw in these passengers. As you come on board this luxury liner you will feel all the attributes of deluxe traveling: luxurious rooms and top of the line ship services, personal touches everywhere, visiting far off places, drinking and dining the finest wine and cuisine with concierge benefits from a large number of crew for the passengers. You will enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want as you give yourself over to this once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter what your understanding of fun might be, you will be able to indulge; whether you are an adventure-seeker, foodie, wine fanatic, or student of history. No matter what you desire, these liners are designed to accommodate; from an energetic workout to unwinding by the pool, from dancing the night away to enjoying quiet time with your partner. Cruising on a 5-star ship you'll have the chance to experience an array of memorable excursions along the journey. Travel to the most iconic locations in the world seeing unforgettable sights from ancient cities to modern metropolises.
Luxury Cruise Lines
Silversea Cruises is a carrier that offers some of the most high-end picks. Silversea's destinations are some of the most fascinating in the world, and the company creates exclusive itineraries that incorporate unique cultural experiences and fascinating adventures. In addition, Crystal Cruises is a company that focuses on having luxury travel. Its service is superb, the food and wine unrivaled, and the entertainment exceptional, and its high-end amenities such as plush bathrobes and slippers will make you feel truly coddled. If you are trying for the most possible destinations, Princess Cruises is your best bet, as they sail to six continents and offer more than 40 destinations. Almost 700 individuals can fit on their huge ships, making them a fun way to see the world. For off-the-beaten-path areas, no one can beat Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, which sails to Antarctica and Alaska among other fascinating spots. They pride themselves on presenting opportunities for cultural exploration and letting their passengers truly get to know local people and places at each destination.
Start off in the Mediterranean
Sail the Mediterranean on these great ships and take advantage of the opportunity to go on shore to explore the small ancient coastal villages which will truly take you back in time.
Land of the Tsars
In Russia, a day in the impressive Hermitage Museum is a must – it is not only an unbelievably gorgeous building, it is also the second largest museum on earth. Empress Catherine the Great created it in 1764 when she began a collection of paintings, and it was finally open to the public nearly 100 years later.
The Lands Down Under
Australasia is home to a huge mixture of people, lifestyles, and natural beauty. Australia's Great Barrier Reef is an iconic natural landmark, but also worth a visit are the stunning beaches and the wide open space known as the Outback. In New Zealand, stop in Tauranga to pick fresh kiwi and eat to your heart's delight, then go for a hike to explore the stunning waterfalls and green valleys that will leave you speechless.
The Sights and Sounds of Asia
A vacation to Vietnam, Thailand, or China will excite all your senses. Japan is a fantastic blend of age-old traditions and cutting edge, modern cities. Plan a trip to Bangkok to observe first-hand the beautiful places, the traditional spires of its architecture, and the statues of Buddha.
From Deserts to Skyscrapers to Pyramids
The sparkling cosmopolitan cities of the Middle East, known for their high skyscrapers, lie among vast deserts famous for their amazing wind-blown sand dunes. In fact, the world's tallest skyscraper is Dubai's Burj Khalifa, which welcomes tourists to its observation deck. The region has many millenniums of history whose influence is still visible in the present day. In Jordan, the 5th century BC city of Petra is a terrific place for history buffs to see, while nearby Aqaba is known for its resorts and water sports. Look up in admiration at the enormous Egyptian pyramids outside of Cairo or travel to the temples in Luxor and Karnak, then head to Oman to see the medieval trade route called Incense Road.
The Diversity of South America
In addition to exploring the South American continent's natural beauty like Iguazu Falls straddling Argentina and Brazil, travel on to Rio de Janeiro, famous for its Carnival and awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer statue sitting atop Sugar Loaf Mountain. From its lunar-like landscapes in the north to the Patagonian ice fields in the south, from the Andes to the east and the Pacific ocean to the west, Chile is a country of extreme geographical diversity which will delight explorers and curious sightseers alike. From the old-world sophistication of a ballroom dance to the beauty of an intimate moment shared on deck, a 5-star cruise is the stage upon which you can create enduring memories. As anyone who has gone on one will concur, there is no other experience quite like a cruise around the globe.

Travel Consultants: How They Can Benefit You

Travel Consultants: How They Can Benefit You Changing your travel plans can be a complete headache by yourself; the time required to re-book flights and hotel rooms is time-consuming and stressful. This is where an experienced travel advisor can help. In these times, when we are dealing with the realness of terrorism and health issues, security must be taken into account when making travel plans. While many travel professionals charge a service fee, the have the advantage of being able to pass on savings with exclusive promos, benefits and inventory only readily available to them. It seems to be that brick-and-mortar agents are coming back as young travelers who are tech-savvy, do not know much about traveling and want insights from experienced professionals.
And this does not seem to be a passing trend.
Research have recently shown that 92% of people who used an agent will use one again for future travel. Using a travel advisor is enticing because they have accessibility to a significant business network. We all know time is money, so rather than of spending infinite hours researching, agents who are members of bigger consortia can help you get a far better price via a major supplier. Leading travel agents have well established associations with tour operators, award-winning chefs, hotel managers that web based sites do not. And travel agents in fact often beat web prices. Most agents can access the same web promotions because they have a vast booking and distribution system giving allowing them to offer the top deals involving cruise packages, airline tickets and hotel rooms. They do make a percentage, but you will reap the rewards in the form of breakfast, spa and beverage credits.
Have you thought of everything?
Instead of researching on your own, an professional can help you plan for any surprise expenditures and amenities; including the cost of meals, resort and tourism charges, that can add up swiftly. And if your plans consist of a trip to a far-away land, an agent can guide you to the best tour providers that fit your specifications. Agents are well-connected and have connections | associations} with vetted companies in every corner of the world. An agent can also help you avoid common travel hiccups such as travel delays or cancellations, rescheduling flights, changing hotels, adding an extra person to your trip, and even choosing the best travel insurance for you.

Discover the World Aboard a Luxury Cruise

Discover the World Aboard a Luxury Cruise Due to the ever-increasing interest in worldwide journeys, many cruise lines are including global destinations to their itineraries. Currently, there are in excess of 25 million people each year traveling on the oceans, seas and rivers all over the world. The countless options for today's travelers include the kind of ship to sail on, which itinerary to choose as well as the price tag of the trip. Here is your new line For example, those looking for more individualized attention, fewer passengers on board and access to smaller ports should think about traveling on smaller ships. However, those prone to motion sickness should consider larger vessels since smaller ones are more susceptible to the ocean's whims. There are some pros to larger ships, but one of the big disadvantages is that they tend to dock further away at industrial ports which are located farther away from your destination city. Due to this fact, exploring your destination city becomes more difficult and pricier. Whether on board or ashore, you will discover the beauty of every seaport at destinations such as Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Asia and Australia. Delve into the essence of daily living at your destination by going on the journey of lifetime. The many exclusive outings and activities available give you the chance to learn about your destination town through its art, culture, cuisine, history, and natural beauty. Uncover the many wonders of the world we live in and gather memories you will forever have with you. And experience the many advantages of this kind of travel including stress-free travel, a space to call your own, and knowing you always have a tasty meal waiting for you. Take full advantage of all the opportunities offered on a worldwide journey to let go of daily concerns and revel in the beauty around you.

AMT Travel: Plan Your Five Star Vacation With Us

AMT Travel: Plan Your Five Star Vacation With Us Even before the journey commences, both veteran travelers and newbies have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. Your fantasy vacation might be to go on a challenging adventure, unwind by the ocean or visit a place you have only read about. AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can help you plan for your next holiday trip in style and comfort. With over 25 years in the business, countless numbers of voyages spanning the world,and certified professionals, we can guide you on all your travel needs including helping you choose from among the world's finest cruise lines, such as Princess, Holland, or Oceania, for your holiday adventure. The cruisers sailed by these premium companies are 5-star hotels on water that provide nothing but the very best; premium amenities, personal service, entertainment and on-shore excursions. Surpassing expectations is AMT Travel's foremost aim and that is why organizing an unforgettable vacation is our top priority. We provide the very best locations to match your personal cultural interests, individual hobbies and lifestyle. Known in the market as the front runner in global escorted American Express Tours, AMT American Express Travel offers a large range of destination spots in an assortment of travel styles. The world is your oyster; whether you are looking to explore Europe's greatest cities or venture out to see the world's most alluring locales, American Express Tours allows you to explore over 60 countries on six continents.
And members have privileges.
At AMT American Express Travel, we service our dedicated clients by offering pre-negotiated tour prices. Clients routinely return to AMT Travel because our consultants make it their priority to coordinate the "complete package". Our services vary, from finding you an upgrade, letting you know if your flight is on time, coordinating passports and travel documents, getting you the best exchange rate, selecting the best excursion and informing you on what to bring. AMT Travel not only takes you around the world 24, we also ensure travel assistance around the clock. Our goal is to ensure your travels are free of hassle, stress and concern. Your task is to prepare your suitcase and we will do the rest.

The Delights of the Caribbean Islands and the Americas
The Delights of the Caribbean Islands and the Americas You will find remarkable cultural diversity, as well as spectacular landscapes, throughout the many different countries that make up the Americas and the Caribbean, from the northern tip of Canada to Cape Horn in the south. Relish the laid-back lifestyle of all Caribbean islands, while noting the array of languages and cultures that speak to the early inhabitants of each island from faraway lands including Spain, France, Britain, The Netherlands, and Africa. read more
Weekend Getaways: You Don't Have To Go Too Far
Weekend Getaways: You Don't Have To Go Too Far After a long week, sometimes a brief getaway can replenish your batteries and restore your energy. You might believe it will be tough to find a place close enough to make it worth it for only a few days. read more
Secret Garden Inn BnB
Traveling Just the Way You like There appears to be a unique tour for every destination! Will you get around on foot or ride a bike? read more